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The catering industry is changing. “Experience” is the new status symbol of a young society that not only expects something special and exquisite, but also respectful treatment of nature, resources and sustainable production.

Whether food trends such as flavor pairing, nose-to-tail or the plant-based version leaf-to-root: It's about the holistic approach, discovering new components and special flavors. Whether for the individual brand of bartenders by means of re-distillates, notes with recognition value are added to the basic spirits or the regional cuisine is enriched by unknown components such as woody notes and meadow herbs - with the help of a rotary evaporator, a new dimension is available for modern flavor management. No idea what you would need a laboratory equipment for? Click here for the latest suggestions from our blog.



Hi! We are Team Infinite Homeland

Limits are being rethought with their very own signature at the "Restaurant Alexander Herrmann" - by Tobias Bätz. The creative team around chef Tobias Bätz is constantly developing new symbioses of long-standing traditions, curiosity, regionality and an exotic touch. As a result, under the remarkable concept of the " Infinite Homeland ", an exchange is created that sets impulses, combines expertise and allows new things to happen. Innovation and a great spirit of perfection have always been part of the Posthotel's signature.

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Hi, I am Benjamin Maerz

Together with my brother Christian and my wife Stephanie we are operating our Hotel Rose and the Restaurant Maerz in the small Swabian town of Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Personally, I have a lot of fun discovering our homeland and nature over and over again, but also traveling around the world and getting to know other cultures. I would also like to share these diverse culinary impressions with others at home. The use of regional products, which are treated with respect, humility and sensitivity, is important to me. So I often stick with regional and seasonal basic components with my creations, in which I incorporate international flavors, processes and techniques.

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None of this is rocket science

The main ingredients: Curiosity and creativity

As in research, the complicated thing in flavor management is not to operate a laboratory equipment, but to find your own way and discover something new. Our contribution here is primarily to provide easy-to-use evaporators with which reproducible and accurate results can be generated. With step-by-step guidance, we also want to enable career changers to "do research" in their own area and break into new territory.

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Hi, I am Johannes Möhring

How does one come to be fiddling around with laboratory instruments at the bar, you might ask. My goal was and always is to explore the limits of what is possible and what can be experienced. This means for me, in culinary terms, that I am always aiming to refine flavors and create combinations - in doing so, "any means will do", so to speak, and one of the most effective and exciting "means" is definitely the rotary evaporator.

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Hi, we are Team Heidolph

Heidolph Instruments GmbH is a premium manufacturer of high-quality laboratory equipment. Right from the very first product idea to the delivery of the ordered item, all is performed at our headquarters in Schwabach near Nuremberg, with nearly 200 colleagues working with us. The laboratory equipment we use is Made in Germany, and we also try to source our outsourced components as regionally as possible. Furthermore, no device leaves the premises unless it has first passed a rigorous quality control – after all, we offer a 3-year warranty on all our devices. On top of that, our customer service is what makes us stand out, which means not only that we provide in-depth and customized pre-sales advice, but also perform after-sales maintenance and training upon request.

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