Reduction of sauces/jus
51 °C
Flavor solutions 100 rpm
Flavor solutions 250 mbar

Reduction of basic sauces is about intensifying flavors in a jus/sauce, minimizing the water content and, if necessary, optimizing the basic taste by adding spices.
It must be ensured that the jus/sauce has been passed through a fine sieve.

Ingredients & Quantities
1000 ml veal jus (Here you must already have a handmade and aromatic jus as a basis)
5 black peppercorns
4 juniper berries
2 bay leaves
1 garlic clove
1 tsp grated thyme
100 ml port wine
50 ml sherry medium
1 tsp oil


Heat a frying pan and roast pepper, juniper, and thyme (not too hot), and then grind in a mortar. In a small saucepan, heat the oil. Finely dice the garlic and roast it. Deglaze with port and sherry and reduce by half. Add veal jus and reduction to rotary flask and reduce according to instructions (see below). Then pour the jus through a sieve into a saucepan and thicken a little more if necessary.

If you want to get a very strong sauce and don't want it to thicken, you can let the sauce reduce in the flask to the desired viscosity. The higher the reduction, the better and more intense the aroma, but the lower the economy.

Select the following settings for distillation:
90 rpm, heating bath 45° C, the cooling should have at least an initial temperature of -2° C.

For the first distillation, it is advisable to approach the boiling point in 5 mbar steps from an initial pressure of 200 mbar. When the boiling point is reached and the process is running, the pressure should be reduced rather slowly to an end point of 50 mbar.

The process of reduction should last at least 40 minutes at the above proportions. After that, about 600 ml remain in the rotary flask and about 400 ml distillate in the collecting flask.

Benjamin Maerz
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