Heidolph Flavorizer Expert Package

Based on our experience in the field of flavor management, the package contains all the necessary components to extract flavors gently and intuitively: 

Rotary evaporator - stylish and easy to use

The center of the Flavorizer Expert System is the Hei-VAP Expert Control rotary evaporator with 1 l flask: The touch panel gives you full control conveniently and intuitively. The system automatically recognizes the connected peripheral devices (recirculation chiller Hei-CHILL 350 and Rotavac Vario Control vacuum pump) and allows you to conveniently operate all components via the interface of the rotary evaporator. 

Thanks to its high-quality, multi-award-winning design with the illuminated rotary controls, the Hei-VAP Expert Control becomes an eye-catcher behind the counter or in any kitchen. The integrated favorites library gives you the option of saving your parameters for recipes, calling them up at the push of a button. You can export your own recipes via the USB interface or load those from our blog experts onto your personal device. More complex work steps, where you want to adjust the values for vacuum, temperature or rotation in the course of the process, can also be called up for recurring processes using the ramp function. This makes the operation of the device by different personnel particularly comfortable and easy.

It becomes even easier with the integrated program for automatic boiling point determination (Dynamic AUTOaccurate): The system automatically detects the boiling point of your mixture via the AUTOaccurate sensor and takes over the vacuum regulation. 

Vacuum pump - Silence please 

Thanks to its speed controller, the Rotavac Vario Control vacuum pump only starts up when it really has to. Compared to standard vacuum pumps, their operation is significantly quieter, which is particularly important in the area of customer traffic. To ensure particularly quiet operation, it is equipped with a suitable silencer. At the same time, the Rotavac Vario Control vacuum pump offers enough power to evaporate watery extracts (hydrosoles) efficiently and in a time-saving manner or to carry out gentle drying.

Recirculation chiller - well cooled at all times 

The Hei-CHILL 350 recirculation chiller is perfectly matched to the overall system and has enough cooling capacity so that both watery and alcoholic extracts can be prepared quickly and efficiently. The required coolant and an RS 232 cable for connection to the Hei-VAP Expert rotary evaporator are also included in the package.

Foam brake - bursting foams 

A foam brake is included in the Flavorizer Expert package for processing foaming mixtures, for example tea or milk. Placed between the evaporation flask and the vapor tube, it ensures that any foam produced collapses.

Refill/venting valve - if there should ever be more 

If you want to process larger quantities, you can easily add more medium during the running process via the refill and venting valve without having to remove the rotary flask.

Guard hood - protected at all times 

Since the Flavorizer Expert System is often used in the bar or kitchen area, the guard hood also ensures safety: In case of glass breakage or splashing heating bath medium, splinters and drops are retained.

Application service - our product expertise for your product taste

Our application service is also included so that you can draw on the full potential immediately. This means that one of our experts will come to your premises, instruct you in the operation and handling of the Flavorizer Expert system and be available to give you advice and support.

Would you like to get a first impression of the Flavorizer Expert package? In an online live demo from our showroom, we will present the system to you at work and answer all your questions!



Pictures: ©Weisshorn Spirits Sarl, Matt the List

Heidolph Team
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