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Heidolph Instruments GmbH is a premium manufacturer of high-quality laboratory equipment. Right from the very first product idea to the delivery of the ordered item, all is performed at our headquarters in Schwabach near Nuremberg, with nearly 200 colleagues working with us. The laboratory equipment we use is Made in Germany, and we also try to source our outsourced components as regionally as possible. Furthermore, no device leaves the premises unless it has first passed a rigorous quality control – after all, we offer a 3-year warranty on all our devices. On top of that, our customer service is what makes us stand out, which means not only that we provide in-depth and customized pre-sales advice, but also perform after-sales maintenance and training upon request.

Who are the authors of Team Heidolph?

We work together to ensure that the Flavor Solutions blog is an enjoyable and informative website all around.

The Flavor Solutions blog idea was born out of the observation that there was a great need for information from the bar, restaurant, and distillery sectors. For this purpose, we want to create a separate realm for all the people engaged in the topic of flavor management. Bringing together users – bartenders and chefs – we want to concentrate our expertise around rotary evaporation and provide answers to questions, share tips and tricks, advise and inspire.
Our guiding principle "research made easy" is something we want to transfer to the area of exploring new flavors and combining them to create new impressions and experiences. It is our goal to ensure that entering this 'world of the unknown' is as easy as possible. We are particularly keen to provide our customers with all-round advice and support - also and most especially in the after-sales phase. We are always ready to lend an ear and a helping hand with any issues or questions that may occur.

Thank you for being here and diving into the world of flavor management with us!

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Heidolph Team
Heidolph Instruments is a premium manufacturer of high-quality laboratory equipment.

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