Sugar substitute made from black apple with hints of caramel
45 ° C
Flavor solutions 100 rpm
Flavor solutions 300 – 70 mbar

Black garlic was our model for this kind of enzymatic maturing. We wanted to find out whether it is possible to use this preparation method for other products, for example, apples and obtained an intensely fruity component, which also has a sensationally impressive caramel flavor, which makes do with absolutely no refined sugar.

At the same time, we were able to further use our apple trimmings, which would otherwise have been thrown away.

The apple liquor is used in desserts, but can also be used to flavor drinks (for example, as an aperitif – by adding sparkling wine).

Ingredients & Quantities
5 kg apple trimmings (peel and cores)
1 liter water


(Vacuum) seal the apple trimmings airtight and brown them enzymatically at 60 °C in a fan-assisted oven for 6 weeks. During this process, the fructose is caramelized very slowly and a very dark, brown-black apple mixture develops. Place this mixture, including the liquor, in a large bowl and mix with one liter of water, leave to stand over night and then filter through a cloth strainer. 

Place the black apple liquor in the evaporator flask and start the evaporation with 45 °C heating bath, 5 °C cooling and 300 mbar. Then reduce the pressure slowly to 70 mbar and distill until 2/3 of the water has evaporator and a very intense, sweet and viscous black apple liquor has developed. 

Caution: The liquor can become highly foamed during the distilling, it is therefore recommended that a foam brake be used.

Team Infinite Homeland
An extraordinary remarkable culinary concept at the Posthotel Alexander Herrmann in Wirsberg, the headquarters of the TV and 2-Star chef.

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