7 considerations for buying a rotary evaporator

Flavor pairing, umami, bark and moss flavoring, beet gin or leaf-to-root - are these all just hypes again and why do we need laboratory equipment for them now? Of course, the decision to purchase such a device is no small matter. We have therefore summarized a few points that may help you in your deliberations.
The selection of a suitable rotary evaporator for starting with flavor management is crucial for the success and sustainability of your project. After all, you want to start being creative right away, the quality of the products you make has to be guaranteed, and the investment needs to pay off in the long run. So where to start?

Given the considerations below, you're well equipped to dive into the world of flavors:

What do I actually need?
A rotary evaporator alone is not enough for flavor management: A complete system also includes a vacuum pump and, ideally, a recirculation chiller. There is a wide range of devices to choose from for configuration - they must be compatible with each other to achieve good results. Finding a suitable composition here without having any prior know-how is challenging. In addition, consider where the devices are to be set up in your operation: Could the vacuum pump running noise be disruptive? How do I guarantee safe operation? Will the system integrate well visually, if it is in the guest area or visible range? Have you already determined what to expect from the operation and programming of the rotary evaporator? If not, ask yourself in advance what processes would you like to cover - write down everything you could implement with such a system and what is most important to you. What volumes do I want to process with it? What performance is appropriate for my project? How important is the energy balance to me? Are you able to answer that this way? Allow yourself to be advised - a system individually tailored to your plans and requirements ensures that you can unleash your creativity.

Ready, steady, go
Leveraging our experience in flavor management, we have specially designed the Flavorizer Expert package. Furthermore, we support you all the way from the personal initial consultation to the first implementation on your premises. Come and meet us!

Legal pitfalls - beware!
If you plan to processing spirits, it is also essential to follow the legal regulations. The use of machinery for the production of alcoholic products is strictly regulated. It should be specified, for example, that from an evaporation flask size greater than 2 L, a declaration must be submitted to the respective customs office. Therefore, before buying, check the regulations that apply in your country.

To read
In this blog post, we have summarized and highlighted the legal limits and frameworks.

Why does it always have to be premium?
As you probably know, high-quality product design is not just about the look, but the sum of all the parts: The difference is in the material, manufacturing and durability, safe and easy handling, and ergonomics. In the best-case scenario, you can try out and test the product before purchasing it, for example at a trade fair or exhibition. Some producers also offer you to stop by and have a look at the device. Weak points are often noticeable when you use the device yourself, because handles, levers and other moving parts do not provide a stable impression. The risk that they might wear out or break quickly is high. This applies not only to the rotary evaporator, but also to the peripheral devices, vacuum pump and recirculation chiller.
Make sure that all devices are CE certified for unrestricted continuous operation. In the case of non-certified products, e.g. due to inadequate electronics, dangerous situations can occur during operation. They represent a source of danger.

Because quality pays off
Heidolph Instruments offers a 3-year warranty with an average service life of over 10 years. All of our devices are CE certified. We are happy to issue the certificates for your device. And once you have emptied our 5-liter heating bath with its ergonomic grips, you may wish you had such a pot too.

One becomes client after purchase
Certain services become particularly relevant only after the purchase: Regular maintenance preserves functionality, minimizes the risk of failures and ensures the perfect quality of your products manufactured with the device. Make sure that you have direct contact with a professional representative who can quickly help you with any problems or questions you may have when repairs are required.

Service, as much as you need
We also offer regular, documented maintenance of your devices, come to you when required, and grant you a response time within 24 hours to your queries.

Watch out for second-hand devices
Rotary evaporators of unknown origin are repeatedly offered through online platforms. When you buy a used system, you can never be sure of what the previous owner processed with it. Please keep in mind that this is a laboratory equipment that is often used to process chemical substances or even substances that are health-damaging. Remnants of these substances are likely to have been accumulated in them and these might end up in your product. Choose a new system unless you know the seller of the used system and can be sure that it has never been in contact with anything other than food.

Hors d'oeuvres anyone?
We are happy to offer you the option of flexible financing for your rotary evaporation system - so you can benefit from an unused and absolutely safe installation without having to make the investment all at once.

When it comes to food
When choosing a rotary evaporator system, ensure that all parts in contact with food are FDA-compliant. You should have your set-up provider certify that all components that come in contact with your mixture are made of food-safe materials. As these are laboratory devices, not all producers of rotary evaporators provide their systems made of FDA-compliant materials. In other words, it cannot be excluded that undesirable or even health-damaging substances may get into your product during food processing. Having a certificate means you are on the safe side - even when the next official inspection takes place.

Delicious for sure
All food contact components in Flavorizer Expert packages are made of FDA-compliant materials. We will gladly confirm this with a certificate.

Don't understand the technical jargon? Very few newcomers to flavor management are already experienced in operating laboratory equipment. Once you have purchased a rotary evaporator system, therefore, you need to be trained in its operation. Not only does this ensure that you work efficiently, but also safely. Have an expert come on site to introduce you and your team to the handling, prepare initial recipes with you, and show you how to select the optimal parameters.

No rocket science
The Flavorizer Expert package includes for you the installation and application service. One of our experts will come at your premises, make sure the installation is working properly, and instruct you and your team comprehensively on how to operate the system during a one-day training session.

Do you still have any open questions? Are you still missing the clarification of a term? What should we write about next time? Let us know by leaving a comment on this article. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Your Heidolph Team

Heidolph Team
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