Making use of lemon peel
50 °C
Flavor solutions 100 rpm
Flavor solutions 250 – 60 mbar

Sustainability is one of our driving forces. We want to use all the sensational products of our “Infinite Homeland” in the best possible way and avoid waste. We therefore try to extract flavors from the peel and trimmings of our food by using the rotary evaporator and use them to refine dishes and drinks.

For example, we developed our lemon perfume from lemon peel, and it makes the enjoyment of some refreshing cocktails even more intense.

Ingredients & Quantities
500 g lemon peel
500 mL vodka


Place the lemon peel (only the outer yellow layer with as little as possible of the white pith layer) in the vodka, cover with a lid and leave to stand at room temperature for 7 days to extract the flavor of the lemon into the alcohol and then strain the liquid through a cloth.

Place the lemon alcohol in the evaporator flask and start the evaporation in a heating bath at 50 °C, 3 °C cooling and 250 mbar. Then reduce the pressure slowly to 60 mbar and distill it until a viscous mass is left in the flask. The extract in the evaporator flask is used as a bitters extract and both dishes and cocktails can be scented with the distilled lemon alcohol.

P.S.: The final (re)distillate must be diluted to the alcohol content of the initial distillate as a maximum before being used. On the one hand, to be as safe as possible with regard to legal imponderables and on the other hand, because this is significantly closer to the optimal drinking strength.

In most cases, we set our distillates to 40% by volume, except when the initial product is lower in alcohol content or if we want to work within a different range for aromatic reasons.

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